Holiday Christmas Makeup Looks

Miyuki Sanna
2 min readNov 20, 2020

From festive makeup to gingerbread across the face, festive light to showcase the holidays. There are plenty of makeup ideas floating around the internet that we can. There are so many unique makeups and it’s hard for us to choose just the right ones.

In this post, I have 4-holiday favorites that embrace the spirit of Christmas. These include Christmas elements and the joyful side of us. If you are going to a Christmas party and really want to impress the crowd or stand out you will love these.

Eye makeup with all the Christmas lights, creative way to deck those eyes. If you are all about the holiday get some steady hands and recreate this look.

Winter lips, this creative look is for women who are ready for social share. The look is beautiful, blue, and white snowflakes. I admit this look is not going to be a real practical look but for Christmas, the magic is worth it.

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What about snowy cheeks? This next look is one of my favorite for the holiday. It’s fun for any age, draw medium size snowflake on your two cheeks. The red lips look very doll-like and bring the entire look together.

This next makeup has a sweet gingerbread outline in white, with small hearts across the face. Under the design, it has a light burn orange tone like gingerbread. This will go well with the fantasy Christmas makeup look. The light orange powder is added over the eyes as well. The whole look is turning and worth trying because it's not hard.

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