5 Decorations Every College Student Dorm Could Use

dorm room decoration
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Looking for new ideas for your dorm room? College dorms can be a bit boring so adding your personal touch can shake things up. College doesn’t make dorm rooms too interesting so it’s up to you to collect dorm room essentials for girls. The good thing is most college dorm is like a canvas so you can make it what you want. It’s just a place for students to live nothing special.

Here are four easy doom room decorations that can transform a regular room into your aesthetic.

This is not anything new, we all know the difference posters can make. Needing something to fill up those boring empty spaces on the wall? Posters can be perfect for that. You can draw inspiration from your favorite bands, tv shows, favorite celebrities, or maybe your fashion icons. These can have meaning and memory of who you are or who you want to be. When I was in college I posted things on my wall to give me inspiration each day.

A girly room isn’t complete with some kind of stuffed animal right? I know these personally make my room feel more like my space. These can act like furniture or your personally sleepy comfort. Place them in the right spot and I am sure you will see the difference it will make.

During the nights and events that caused us to stay inside, we want our dorm to feel as much at home as possible. I think a stuffed animal could easily be a college dorm décor essential. These will make your room feel, brighter, more fun, and a lot sweeter.

We all seen these and how popular they are among college girls and teenagers. You can find a lot of ideas to recreate from resources like TIKTOK and YouTube. They will make a cool addition to your little dorm space. The prices for these are affordable so you don’t have to think about going into your college funds for these. You can choose to buy them online or at a local store before heading to college.

I think these are great for having your most essential drinks. They will not take up much space as the name suggest and of all the things on this list, this is most essential in my opinion. This may be a little costly for some college students but worth every penny so consider making the investment.

These simple home decoration ideas will make a difference trust me.